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  1956 Established factory as Aluminum Capacitor Division of SAMPO Corporation.,  
    named as SAMPO II.  
1965 Formed strategic technology alliance with Elna Japan.  
1966 Formed strategic technology alliance with Hitachi Japan.  
1971 Formed strategic technology alliance with Shinyei Japan.  
  1975 Started mass production of Low ESR products as the leading manufacturer in  
  1978 Separated from Sampo Corporation and established as Teapo Electronic  
    Corporation at Tucheng.  
  1987 Became the first electrolytic capacitor manufacturer certified by IECQ in Taiwan.  
  1988 Established Teapo Thailand Factory.  
  1993 Tucheng Factory certified by ISO 9002.  
  1998 Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.  
    Established Teapo Dongguan Factory.  
  2000 Tucheng Factory certified by QS 9000.  
  2001 Dongguan Factory certified by ISO9001.  
  2003 Established Teapo Suzhou Factory and obtained certification of ISO9001.  
  2004 Suzhou Factory certified by ISO-14000.  
  2005 Merged with G•Luxon and became the leading manufacturer and distributor of  
    Aluminum capacitors in Greater China Area.  
  2006 The machinery and equipment of Wujian Factory and Danshui Factory were moved  
    to the Suzhou Factory, and expanded the production capacity of the Suzhou  
    Factory. Installed production line of Polymar capacitors in Suzhou Factory.  
  2007 Suzhou Factory completed integration and alignment. Its monthly production  
    volume reached 250million pcs.  
  2008 Sold the premise of Tucheng Factory on February 27, 2008 to improve the   
    company’s financial structure and to focus the company’s resource on the core  
    business to maximize shareholder value.  
  2010 Completed the relocation of Dongguan Factory to reach the effects of economies of  
  2011 Suzhou Factory sold the premise to the local government in coordination with its   
    Urban Reconstruction Plan. The production capacity and management  
    centralized on Dongguan factory to reach cost effect.  

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